Vancouver Trail Riding

Vancouver Trail Riding delivers an outdoor trail ride adventure experience on horseback unlike any other. Horseback riding trails are selected by skill level. From beginners to advanced riders, you can enjoy trail riding in the finest park through Vancouver’s lower mainland. We are located in Maple Ridge BC, just 90 minutes from downtown.

Our horseback trail rides are unparalleled in the lower mainland. We offer guided horseback trail riding in Golden Ears as well as through the extensive trail network in Maple Ridge BC. We are permitted and insured operators in the lower mainland and have the only certified trail guide instructors. Ride with us to get premium, quality service with fully qualified trained guides.

Call 604-376-0203 to make your reservation today.

We offer:

  • 1 hour trail ride – $60
  • 90 min trail riding – $90
  • 2 hour trail ride – $120
  • half day trail riding adventures – $220
  • full day horseback riding adventures - $300 (includes packed lunch)

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